How to download loops and instruments for ACID Pro


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To download the loops included with your copy of ACID Pro, follow these steps:

  • Open ACID Pro and click "Help". 
  • Click "Download instruments and loops".

When asked if you want to allow the installation manager to make changes to your computer, click "Yes".

  • Select the loops you want to install and click "Continue".

The loops and instruments will now be downloaded and installed on your computer.

The loops will be stored under C:\Users\Public\Documents\MAGIX\Common\Loop Collections.

To access your loops, open the Explorer tab.

The instruments are located under the "Plug-In Manager" tab.

After opening the "Plug-In Manager" tab, go to "Soft Synths" > "All".
Right-click the instrument and select "Insert Soft Synth".

To download extra loops for ACID Pro from Producer Planet, follow these steps:

  • Open the confirmation email with your coupon in it.
  • Go to the "Producer Planet" website.
  • Sign in using the MAGIX account details you used to register your copy of ACID Pro.
  • Click "Sound and Loops" to open the loops section.
  • Select the loop package you want to download.

After selecting the loop package, you will be asked to choose between a commercial and non-commercial license.

  • Click "Price" > "Redeem Coupon" and follow the instructions on the screen.