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How to solve error code "-24"

You will receive the message "Serial number already assigned" or "Error code -24" if the product has already been registered under another e-mail address by you or a previous owner.

  • First, please check your entered e-mail address for possible typos.
  • Maybe you registered the program under a different e-mail address during the initial activation? Please use our Service Center to update your data (log in with the old e-mail address and adjust the data).

We differentiate between private sale and dealer sale if you purchased second-hand software.

  • If the seller was a private person, please contact the seller directly. The seller is obliged to report the sale to us and to delete the registration of the product from his account.
  • If the seller was a retailer, please inform our sales department about the serial number and send a copy of the purchase receipt as an attachment to your request.