How to transfer emails to another provider


  • . MAGIX / Xara Online


  • . Import & export

To transfer emails from MAGIX Online World mailboxes to other hosting providers, please proceed as follows:

You can find the IMAP server to be used in the Control Center of MAGIX Online World under "Domain & e-mail" / "My email mailboxes".
Within each mailbox, there is an "Options" category with the subcategory "Email program settings".

  • After archiving, follow the instructions provided by  "MailStore Home" to upload your emails to the new mailbox. As a rule, the export also takes place via IMAP. The instructions can be found here:
  • Please do not forget to reconfigure other devices (smartphone/tablet) and/or mail programs installed on the PC (e.g. Outlook, Windows Mail) for the new mailbox, so that you can continue to send and receive emails with these devices.
  • Find additiona detailed support for "MailStore Home" here: