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Installing / uninstalling "MAGIX Update Notifier" (Connect)

You have been asked during the installation of a MAGIX program, whether you would like to install the "MAGIX Connect" application and ask yourself why you need MAGIX Connect?

Using "MAGIX Update Notifier" (Connect)...

  1. Connect your smartphone via your local WiFi network seamlessly to your PC to allow for simple transfer of photos and videos from your smartphone. 
  2. Quickly and easily download media from Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive and edit it further in your favorite MAGIX program.
  3. Subscribe for product information about your MAGIX programs and avoid missing out on new software updates and special offers.

To configure MAGIX Connect:

  1. Start "MAGIX Update Notifier" (Connect) and select the option "Info channels". Click on the desired programs to select whether corresponding product notifications should be shown or hidden (Image 1). 
  2. You are also able to configure the automatic start up settings for "MAGIX Update Notifier" (Connect).

Updating "MAGIX Update Notifier" (Connect)

As with all MAGIX products, we are continually working to improve user experience, performance and stability.
"MAGIX Update Notifier" (Connect) has the following update options available:

Automatically update

"MAGIX Update Notifier" (Connect) regularly checks for program updates. Should an update be available, the following notification will appear:

To begin the update, click on this notification and follow the instructions during installation.

Uninstalling "MAGIX Update Notifier"

Windows 10

  1. Click in the bottom left on the search box and enter the term "Control Panel".
  2. Select the Control Panel and then open the category "Programs".
  3. Click on "Programs and Features" to open a list of all installed programs.
  4. Select the program "Connect" (via the search in the upper right) and click on the button "Uninstall".
  5. Follow the subsequent instructions. This will remove the software completely from your computer.

Windows 8

  1. Position your mouse on the upper or lower corners on the right side of the screen to open the so-called "Charm Bar".
  2. Choose "Settings" located at the bottom.
  3. The Charm Bar will expand and show you the settings options. At the top, you should find the "Control Panel".
  4. Click under the point "Programs" on the blue link "Uninstall programs". 
  5. Now you should see all programs that are installed on your computer. Right-click on "Connect".
  6. This should open a context menu. Select the point "Uninstall" and follow the subsequent instructions for uninstalling the program.

Windows 7

  1. Click on the Start button in the bottom left of your screen, which is symbolized using the Windows icon.
  2. This opens the Start Menu. Select from the right the option  "Control Panel".
  3. Click under the point "Programs" on "Uninstall programs". Now you will find a list with all installed programs.
  4. Select the program "Connect" (via the search in the upper right) and click on the button "Uninstall".
  5. Follow the subsequent steps in the removal process.