MAGIX Help Center

Linking projects

To link two projects together, follow these steps:

  • Publish your main website (first project) to your domain as you normally would.  
  • Publish your second project to a subfolder. 
  • Add a button to each project. These buttons are how you'll link both projects to each other.  

When you link two projects together, you can choose whether to link all the pages in both projects or just the first page from each.

  • In the project you exported to the subfolder, right-click the button and select "Web Properties".
  • In the "Link" tab, enter the address of your main site in the field under "Link to Web or Email address". 
  • Now, open the project for your main site and open the Web Properties of the button you added. Since you want to link the button to a site in a subfolder, you only need to enter the folder and the file name under "Link to Web or Email address" (see screenshot). 

Now when you publish both sites, their index files should be linked to each other. If you want to link the other pages in the projects, repeat the steps described above.