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Photo effects

Photo effects are special effects plug-ins which can be opened in the Live Effect tool. The Live Effect tool is part of the photo tool group.

  1. To access the Live effects, select a photo and click the Fx icon.
  2. Click "New" to view a list of all available effects.

Example Live effects:

  • FAKE HDR - a simulated HDR effect
  • ORTON - blurs the image to emphasize certain colors
  • LITTLE PLANET - turns the image into a miniature planet
  • PENCIL - turns the image into different drawings
  • TILT SHIFT - blurs parts of the image by changing the slider settings
  • LOMO - distorts colors to create a processed looked
  • COLOR SPLASH - converts the image to black and white while retaining some colors
  • POLARIZED GRAYSCALE - passes the image through polarized values
  • COLOR MIX - mixes the red, green and blue color channels
  • SEPIA - produces a series of sepia color options
  • THERMAL - simulates a thermal imaging camera

Live effects can be applied on top of one another. Each effect can be individually edited and can be removed later from the editing list. To do this, use the Live Effect tool info bar.