[Archived] Reducing render times



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The amount of time it takes to render a video project depends on several different factors:

  • The total length of the project
  • CPU speed/threads
  • The amount of RAM available
  • The complexity of the project (number of tracks, video effects, scaling, cropping, rotations, etc.)
  • Compression

There are a few different ways to speed up the rendering process.

  • Close programs which are running in the background, such as your antivirus software, as well as other programs which are open and running on your computer. Don't browse the Internet or run other applications while your project is rendering.
  • Make sure the project properties match the properties of the media you are using. To adjust the project properties, go to "File" (or "Project") > "Properties". Under "Template", select a template which fits your source material (e.g. HDV 1080-60i). If you aren't sure which template to choose, click the "Match Media Settings" button (the one with the folder icon in the upper right-hand corner of the "Properties" dialog).  Find a video file which is representative of the media in your project, select it and click "Open". The program will then choose the right settings for your project automatically. Click "Apply", followed by "OK".
  • Install additional RAM in your machine or increase the amount of virtual memory by increasing the size of the Windows Pagefile or using Windows ReadyBoost.

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