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Reveal/Scroll (animations)

The "Reveal/Scroll" animation is run as soon as the object it is applied to appears in the browser window.

  • To apply the animation to an object, right-click the object and open the "Web Animation" dialog box.
  • Under the "Reveal/Scroll" tab, select the reveal animation and an effect from the dropdown list.

Use the sliders to set the animation speed and delay.
Later, when the user scrolls down to the part of the page with the object on it, the animation sequence will play.

You can also have the animation triggered by another object. When you do this, the animation is played when another object (the trigger object) appears on the screen.
To do this, you need to name the trigger object first.  

  • Right-click the object and select "Name..." 
  • Enter a name.
  • Now, in the "Web Animation" dialog box, select the name in the "Trigger object name" dropdown list.