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The links on my page don't work

 If some of the links don't work after exporting your page, try the following:

1. Check which layer your linked objects are on

Generally, all the objects you want to make visible on your website should be placed on the "MouseOff" layer. If you place one of these objects on the "Page Background" layer, the object will be exported with the rest of the page, but the link will be removed.

This is because the "Page Background" layer is not an active layer.

To fix this issue, follow these steps:

  • Select the object with the broken link and check the status bar to see which layer it is on.
  • If the object is not on the "MouseOff" layer, move it there.

2. Check object arrangement

If the object is on the "MouseOff" layer, but the link still isn't working, try the following:

  • Check to see whether the object is being covered by another (possibly invisible) object.
  • Pay particular attention to the borders of the object (the rectangular area). It's possible that the link is not getting selected when you click on the linked object because it is being covered by another object. 
  • To fix this, select the linked object and go to "Arrange" > "Bring to Front".

3. Check whether the links work in other browsers

Your browser might be causing the problem with the links.
If the problem only exists in Chrome, and the "MouseOver" effects are still working, try the following:

  • In Chrome go to "More tools > Extensions" and disable the Babylon toolbar.
  • Open your page again and see if the links are working.
  • If you're still having the same problem, submit a ticket to our Support Team and include the following information:

Does the problem go away when you disable all Chrome extensions and refresh the page?
Include a list of all the extensions installed in your Chrome browser.

Does uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome help?
If the problem persists, send your .web/.xar file along with your support ticket so we can figure out which links are affected by the problem.