Add Masks, Blur Effect, Copy Paste Objects and Effects in MEP & VPX

browj2 wrote on 8/16/2020, 1:43 PM

Part 2:
Using Magix Video Pro X (VPX), also works in Movie Edit Pro Plus/Premium (MEP), and following along from Part 1, this time I show inserting and using masks a different way, including putting two masks to follow two different dogs, duplicating objects, keyframing movement and size, and copying effects and objects from one Movie to another. Watch Part 1 first as I won't be repeating much of the editing parts shown in Part 1. You should already be familiar with editing in VPX/MEP. If not, see my tutorials on Basic Editing.
You will see:

  • Multiple movies
  • Duplicating a video clip
  • Adding masks to a video clip
  • Applying an effect to a video clip
  • Size and position
  • Manual tracking with keyframing
  • Copying effects from one object to another
  • Copying objects with effects to another movie

Note that Video Pro X has a Source Window and a Project Temp Folder Window that Movie Edit Pro does not.


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