Create Mask, Blur Effect, Copy Paste Effects in Movie Edit Pro & VPX

browj2 wrote on 8/16/2020, 1:40 PM

A user on the forum had a blur effect in a video with an embedded logo and wanted to copy and paste the same effect in the same video without the embedded logo. 
This Part 1 tutorial shows how to create the blur effect, like masking a face, the mask, tracking the face with the blur mask, and copying the effects onto a similar video in a second movie.
You will see:

  • Splitting a video clip
  • Multiple movies
  • Applying a mask to a video clip
  • Applying an effect to a video clip
  • Automatic object tracking
  • Copying effects from one object to another

I used Video Pro X11, but the same thing can be done in Movie Edit Pro Plus/Premium the same way. Note that Video Pro X has a Source Window and a Project Temp Folder Window that Movie Edit Pro does not.

Part 2 of this tutorial shows a different way to use masks and effects, and how to put two masks on a video, as well as copying and pasting objects and effects between two movies.

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