vighi wrote on 12/22/2011, 4:34 AM

good work ;o)



kristenyount wrote on 3/29/2012, 1:08 PM

That was fun!

MIKON2014 wrote on 12/8/2012, 5:30 PM

Hi I liked your fun vid, the vibrant colours really added a psychedelic quality to the animation! I liked the Jazzy intro music too.... is it still possible to obtain the swing disc?

I am using Magix Music Maker 2005 Deluxe ( which I got working on Windows 7 ! ) and have recently discovered the included video making tools. They seem like great fun and amazingly versatile! Something puzzles me though and I wonder if you can help:

In the Music Maker 2005 manual when discussing the Video Controller at the bottom of page 135 it refers to:

The „Num. Edit“ option opens a
dialog for entering the numerical size of the change and
shift in pixels or in percentages.

 "Image size: Enter pixel size or as a percentage of the original image size.

 “Maximize” scales the image to the original image size of the movie...."

Page 136 continues:

Position: Specifies the screen positioning. The 0.0 position
is in the top left corner.
Section: Specifies the cropped section of the movie that
is to be displayed.
Preview window
There are three editing modes for specifying image size,
sections and positioning:
Sketch section: Specifies the section to be displayed.
Section size / position: Allows you to move and scale
the selected section.
Image size / position: Allows you to move and scale the
selected image.

I am puzzled and cannot find this "Num Edit" option anywhere..... I can manually drag the image and resize in the video controller but can't see any way to enable doing this more accurately with "percentages" I missing something obvious?!?

Yours hopefully, Mike

Update 9/12/2012: Just discovered an alternative Music Maker 2005 Deluxe manual pdf online, this is a different version of the manual included on the UK CD ROM... different layout of screenshots and in the video section makes no reference to the mysterious "Num Edit" feature !

This is all very strange, I presume some additional features were intended but never included.. or else they are buried very deep in menus and options!

I've no complaints really, I picked this up for a bargain and I have been pleasantly surprised at just home sophisticated it is...

Still, if anyone knows why there are at least two manual versions in addition to the help features and why it seems to be impossible to access the video 'num edit' feature I would be very interested...!