Getting started: MAGIX Music Maker

MAGIX_Editors wrote on 3/10/2008, 11:02 AM
Turn your living room into a recording studio! We show you the basics of working with the classic MAGIX Music Maker. Create your own tunes using a massive database of samples and then publish them online or burn them for all the world to hear.


gotomars wrote on 2/22/2009, 3:28 PM

Is this the only documentation available? Where can I find some more detailed explanations about how to use the features of Music Maker?

Chillibean wrote on 4/18/2009, 9:50 AM
I've only recently started using Magix Music Maker and am quite impressed, the only failing I can see is this forum i.e. Workshop, it seems as if it is the Cindlerella of the organisation and is somewhat neglected, pity because it creates a completely wrong impression.
David_H wrote on 2/16/2010, 11:43 PM
Dont feel bad... I purchased it and have the same problem. Seems like this software is nothing more than a shell.  It may be able to work, but now I can't figure how to get any kind of sound into or out of it.  The instructions are pathetic.  It should have come with at least a demo and a few sound loops installed.  That might have given me a good impression, or at least a little more patience!

Can I give a negative star rating?
diefendb wrote on 5/14/2010, 8:21 PM
I purchased this program and am disappointed.  I downloaded the soundpackets, managed to get them imported and was disappointed in the selection of loops.  Many of the default "styles" on contain 4 or 5 individual loops.  I am guessing that they want you to purchase teh additional sound packets, but when I watched "Benjamin" it looked like there was plenty of selection.   Frankly, the selection sucks.
maigidesign wrote on 12/21/2010, 3:33 PM

Wow, my first imperssion is absolutely amazing!! This is so handy and just wonderful tool for making and editing music!!! I have worked with several audio editing tools (Pro Tools included), and I fell in love with Music Maker from the first sight. Music is about creating, not only coping and pasting. Although the latter part works well on Music Maker too. I love the sound of instruments and tuning possibilities. I got MM with Midistart keyboard and recording and editing sound is pure fun. Program is build up so logical. Thank you!

gabanoto45 wrote on 2/1/2013, 1:27 PM

Hello, I just bought the Magix music maker MX but I can't find the function that I am looking for. For example, the guitar chords, I don't know if I am on chord C or G or F or etc. Also I can't find where to go if I want to change the chord C to C7 or C minor for example. Can anybody show us here how to find these functions? because the manual that comes with it has no step by step method. This type of program need a step by step tutorial video since there are a lot of functions that it will take years to learn if no body will teach. Thank you.

FranklLeviAntonius wrote on 11/26/2014, 7:16 PM

Agree with maigidesign.. 


Thx of course.. 

Sincerely Frank

Darian-Worrell wrote on 8/16/2020, 1:15 PM

I purchased this program along with the video editing software through Sweetwater. I have not used the video editor yet, but have been using Music Maker. It started out fine and now it's a complete nightmare. After purchasing multiple soundpool files I'm now unable to record or save any music, despite paying for the commercial licensing for all the soundpools. I'm very disappointed. I should have known better to buy such an inferior product. If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this issue, please contact me at dtworrell at I would certainly appreciate it since i'm not getting any response from music maker.

Donna-Mckelvin wrote on 9/21/2020, 2:32 PM

i am disappointed. I installed the basic / not the free version. Dont understand why no sound. I have googled/ youtube for answer and even been seaching Magix website for an answer with no luck. Nothing should be this hard to get an answer for.. If I pay for something I should be able to use it . and have some support. It is truly not for beginners ..

monroe.paula wrote on 7/6/2021, 12:24 PM

I have the same problem and also cannot find an answer.

CJ-Hudson wrote on 8/7/2021, 3:34 PM

Bait and switch! You buy this crap, then have to buy more software- to get it to work. The staff at best buy were useless- knew nothing about it. Except that I needed Microsoft 10. I have a brand new gaming laptop. But the magix movie maker is not loading on it. This is how they responded: .

"- Make sure that the correct version of the redistributable is installed. If it is not, you should be able to download it directly from Microsoft's website.
- After the redistributable is installed, go to your computer's Programs and Features window, which can be accessed from the Control Panel.
- In Programs and Features, highlight the entry for the specific redistributable version, click Change, and then click Repair. (Please note that the "Repair" option is what fixes this issue; an uninstall/reinstall may not correct the problem)
- After the repair installation is completed, you should be able to install your software.
Below is a list of the Visual C++ Redistributables associated with our current applications. Additionally, plugins or other features can sometimes utilize portions of earlier redistributables. If, for example, you Repair the VS2012 redistributable and still see the issue, you may wish to Repair VS2008 as well.
Visual Studio 2012 Redistributable - Movie Studio Platinum 17, Movie Studio Platinum 16, Movie Studio Platinum 15, Movie Studio Platinum 14, Movie Studio 13, Movie Studio 13 Platinum, Vegas Pro 13
Visual Studio 2015 Redistributable – Vegas Pro 14
Visual Studio 2008 Redistributable - Movie Studio Platinum 17, Movie Studio Platinum 16, Movie Studio Platinum 15, ACID Music Studio 10, DVD Architect (both Pro 6 and Studio 5), Sound Forge (both Pro 11 and Audio Studio 10) Movie Studio Platinum 14
Visual Studio 2005 Redistributable - ACID Pro 7, CD Architect 5.2
Visual Studio 2017 – ACID Pro 8, Vegas Pro 15, Vegas Pro 16 , Vegas Pro 17"

I am NOT going to do a "repair installation" on my brand new Dell Gaming computer!

Now I'm stuck w/ crap software I can't use!!

Michael-Warren wrote on 10/11/2021, 9:19 AM

CJ-Hudson, that was not helpful. You ought to be spanked. This is not Facebook.

Roy-Bailey wrote on 4/9/2023, 1:04 AM


I am currently running Magic Acid Pro 8 and I am considering upgrading to 10. Will my ancillary software such as Guitar Rig and Kontakt midi software still work?