How to reduce a clip to nothing then expand it again to full size

terrypin wrote on 10/8/2012, 4:36 AM

A basic tutorial using Key Frames, for beginners.
Intended for MEP 16, 17, MX and 2013, but principles are similar in earlier versions.

Terry, East Grinstead, UK



fgd3 wrote on 12/18/2012, 9:20 AM

It didn't work for me.  I found I had to establish the keyframes first, then modify the middle one.  It makes for a streamlined workflow.

1.  Import the picture.

2.  Go to Effects/Movement Effects/Size/Position.

3.  Set a keyframe at the beginning, middle, and end of the object.

4.  Click on the middle keyframe icon in the effects timeline.

5.  Change the width to 1 and tab out of the field.  Width and height will both become 1.

6.  Click Centre.

7.  Move the orange marker to the beginning and play to see the results.