MusicMaker 2013 Premium Magix Vita could not find the file VST Instruments not found

Dobloz wrote on 7/4/2015, 12:48 AM

Hi,  thought it may be worth sharing a possible solution that i worked out for the MusicMaker 2013 Premium Magix "Vita could not find the file not found VST Instruments" error.

A video i made of the solution is on Youtube -

An error was coming up after i installed Magix Music Maker 2013 (this may apply to other versions to?).
The VST Instruments would not load.
Vita reported a file could not be found - YT-MX SD 01 OH 01 XC#1 Y02 in image file Vita Rock Drums/Vita Content - How do you want to proceed?
The solution i worked out concerns the "settings.cfg" file in each of the VST Instruments folders.
Vita checks for the file path to load from, in my case the path was not correct.

The specific line in each of the settings.cfg files begins with
"user folder=".

This "user folder=" line must be set right to the specific folder for each VST Instrument.
For example in the Rock Drums folder, the settings.cfg file had the line - user folder=E:\MusicMaker\content\MxSynth\Rock Drums

There was no such directory on my harddrive!
So i used Windows Explorer to search for "MxSynth" on my E: drive (the drive where i had installed MusicMaker originally).

Windows Explorer found lots of files in E:\Soundpools\MxSynth, so i edited the "settings.cfg" file to read -
user folder=E:\Soundpools\MxSynth\Rock Drums

....and it worked!
You need to change the "user folder=...." entry in each "settings.cfg" file in each of the folders under, or in, the MxSynth folder.

Hopefully the video may help you to fix this problem.
Just to clarify, i'm not a professional at this!
Sorry if my explanation is not good enough for you.
So, step by step, this is (roughly) what i did -

1. Open windows explorer and search for the folder "MxSynth" in My Computer.
The results of the search should list lots of files in mostly the same directory.
In my case the location was - E:\Soundpools\MxSynth
It will most probably be different for you!
You have to remember this perfectly, so copy it!
2. Open windows explorer and navigate to -

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\MAGIX Services\MxSynth.
There i found 5 sub-folders in my MxSynth folder called,
Bass Machine
Rock Drums
String Ensemble
World Percussion

2. Go into the first folder, in my case Bass Machine.
In the Bass Machine folder is a file called "settings.cfg"
Right click on this file and choose "copy".
Right click in the folder and choose "paste".
(we do this to have a backup of the original file in case we mess up!)
3. Next we open the "settings.cfg" file with the Microsoft Notepad program.
To do this we right click on the "settings.cfg" file, choose "Open with..." and choose Notepad.

4. Look for a line that begins with "user folder=", it was the 3rd line down for me.
Change this line to use the location you found in the step 1. search.
my original line was -
user folder=E:\MusicMaker\content\MxSynth\Bass Machine

my search from step 1. was -
so i changed the line to read -
user folder=E:\Soundpools\MxSynth\Bass Machine

Do you see the difference?
Then, save the file.
Repeat 2. to 4. above, ie do the same thing to the "settings.cfg" file in each of the folders inside the MxSynth folder.

Finally, run Magix Music maker and try loading the VST Instruments.
Vita should no longer report an error, unless this was not the cause of the problem of course!

Hope this helps you.


Former user wrote on 7/7/2015, 4:13 AM

good explanation

phalke2001 wrote on 2/18/2016, 8:58 PM

Fantastic video sir you are a good teacher. I wrote to support but they were telling to uninstall the program and go to cusyom and choose the path. I have 64 bits version of win so is it applicable to that also. I mean if i have to change the whole path of the instruments the















Excellent video. Clear instructions. Thanks a lot


I have 64 bit version so where would be the path for instruments?





phalke2001 wrote on 3/29/2016, 7:59 AM

Hello sir

 Can you please tell me how your instruments Strings and drums were in C drive if you had given the path to E drive?

clifford-noble wrote on 5/21/2017, 3:47 PM

My problem is a similar problem but not the exact same thing. Originally, I tried to download more instruments but realized you had to buy an activation code, so I abandoned that idea. Then I downloaded the Sound Pool collection software- I also realized that the music style wasn't the same as MusicMaker Premium, and when I tried to open the music I recently made with MusicMaker Premium-I got the same problem that D got-but I wasn't trying to play any instruments, I was just trying to open my music that I, I tried to uninstall the Sound Pool Collection software-low and behold, the Sound Pool Collection software is overriding the MusicMaker Premium software-even though it's not showing up on my system, it's still comes up when I open the MusicMaker program.

And, if that's not enough of a problem-my music that does open is contaminated with background music that isn't part of my original cut. Has anyone had this problem? is there something I'm missing or is there anything I can do to restore my original music? thanks!