AMAZING! A company with no Real Live People to ask a question of!

Nelson-Enns wrote on 12/1/2019, 10:22 PM

. . . at least from what one can determine from investigating the "Technical Support" page(s) of get-lost-here-in-endless-on-line-FAQ-and-whatever-none-of-which-addresses-a-most-simple-and-basic-question!

Windows 7 PC

1. Purchased Movie Pro Edit on-line

2. Downloaded and installed successfully

3. Received email confirmation, which appears to include the appropriate serial ##

4. Attempted to activate using that serial number four or five times, but repeatedly informed that it is an "incorrect serial number" . . .

5. Finally, by some "magix", on another try the serial ## is accepted

6. Then, required to go to My Account (done successfully) and create an "activation code" -- which, when attempted to do several times am informed "No activation could be created; try again later" . . .

7. Well, how unusual: A seller company immediately puts claim on my payment, but then can't seem to figure out how to provide the goods/services it claims to offer.

8. So now I've wasted a good part of my evening attempting to become acquainted with the product I purchased, but am confronted with a company's Butt-Your-Head-Against-Our-Big-Online-Wall-Because-We-Don't-Have-Real-People-To-Answer-Your-Simple-Question . . .

Q: So how is a person supposed to figure it out when: a) the serial ## provided by the company is rejected repeatedly, and b) once (unnamed bytes only know why) the serial ## is finally accepted, and "activation code" is required, which c) the system refuses to create and sends one on their way with a "try again later" . . .

I'll save the nasty words this all has engendered.


emmrecs wrote on 12/2/2019, 3:51 AM


Welcome to the Magix forums. As I'm sure you are aware, this is a user to user forum, not a direct link to Magix Support but I do understand from what you've written why you've posted here and how frustrated you must feel!

I know there have been other users who've experienced the problem of the registration server seeming to decline their correct serial numbers; this seems to be an intermittent fault and eventually registration has been successful, as you have found. However, I am slightly puzzled by the "activation code" message. I assume this is to "verify" your account? Again, I suspect there was a possible server problem. I notice from your posting time that you must have been attempting this during the early hours of Monday morning, CET (Magix are a German company). Perhaps try again later, as suggested?

A couple of other questions: which exact version and variant of MEP did you download? And from where, direct from or elsewhere?

I sincerely hope you will "stick with this"; MEP, especially the Premium variant, is well-worth every penny it costs and can produce stunning video output.

Please post back and tell us how this does, or does not resolve itself. As a forum moderator I have no "special" powers to "make things happen" but I can attempt to alert Magix staff to specific posts and user problems, since, in your case, if you have not been able to create your account you will not be able to directly contact Magix easily.


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browj2 wrote on 12/2/2019, 12:43 PM


If you used copy/paste to put in the Serial Number, make sure to not repeat the P3 that is likely there by default. If you typed it in, then you likely typed it incorrectly.

John CB

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Nelson-Enns wrote on 12/2/2019, 10:36 PM

Thank you for your responses.

Jeff - downloaded "MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016" from ""

John - unfortunately, your info is incorrect; 1) somewhere along in my searching for an attempted solution in all of the, it stated to NOT include the "P" at the beginning of the serial number (the "P" is, in fact, already visible in the pop-up, so only the remaining "3 + number strings" are needed and result in a green checkmark; however, when the "3" is omitted, the green checkmark becomes a red "X"); 2) if I copy/paste the serial number from the confirmation email, it automatically deletes the "P" and retains the "3"; and 3) finally, when I did enter the serial ## manually it was correct, so that's not an issue. Again, thanks -- still not through the "activation" business, however.

Nelson-Enns wrote on 12/2/2019, 10:46 PM

Back again:

@ ""

"Create activation code. Create your individual activation code here.
"Product: Movie Edit Pro

"Serial number: P3- (+ number string copied from the confirmation email)

"ComputerID*" (I have no idea what is being asked here, and there is no information anywhere to assist one in determining that; is it merely asking that I enter whatever computer name I want?)

"To finish the activation process, please click "Activate".

AND: The outcome is, as always "Error activating: No activation could be created; please try again later."


CubeAce wrote on 12/3/2019, 2:46 AM


Hi Nelson.

The "computer ID" is the name given to it when it was built. If you didn't build it yourself then you wouldn't probably be aware it had one. It is part of the identification process the program would use to make sure the program license is registered to you and not someone else.

In Windows 7 you will find it if you open your control panel and then click on the System icon.

That will then take you to the page you need. It won't look like my example as I took it from my system but it will have the same set of details.

Obviously I've blanked my details.

The other details on that page are the machine's specification information we would normally require anyone asking a question here to provide as it helps us reply more precisely to any possible problems such as a lack of ram or processing power.

Sometimes adding screenshots of procedures or error screens also also helps us to understand what may be going on.

If it's any consolation, some of us have had similar problems in the past with this or other software and is not exclusively a MAGIX product problem and do understand the frustration it causes when it happens.

Please also be aware that Microsoft support for Windows 7 ends on the 14th of January at which point no further security patches or updates will be forthcoming and although Win7 will still work it may be vulnerable to hacking and virus threats.



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johnebaker wrote on 12/3/2019, 7:27 AM



. . . . "ComputerID*" . . . .

The Computer ID that the program will generate is much more complex than @CubeAce has described which is the Device name which can be changed at any time, unlike the Device ID, also show in the image above Windows generated when being installed and depends in the ID's of various components within the PC eg change too many components eg the motherboard, CPU and RAM and the Device ID, Windows is then unlicensed.

Movie Edit Pro (MEP), AFACS, it does not used the Device ID that Windows generates, it appears to create/generate a unique number that is calculated uses other parameters.

I found this out when I did have to change my mb/cpu/ram and MEP was not affected by the new Device ID Windows generated after Microsoft support helped with activating Windows again (new serial number).

. . . . @ "" . . . .

This link ends in a 404 page not found

. . . "ComputerID*" (I have no idea what is being asked here, and there is no information anywhere to assist one in determining that; is it merely asking that I enter whatever computer name I want?) . . . .

To generate your Computer ID - when the activation dialog pops up in MEP there should be the option to activate offline (or use another computer to activate) the link is usually at the bottom of the dialog.

Click this link and then follow the steps to create the ComputerID and make a note of the number it generates.

You then use this number by logging into your at and select Product Registration and follow through the dialogs.


John EB



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