auto region creates silent regions

daudioguy wrote on 12/31/2019, 3:58 PM

Sound Forge 13 Pro on Win10 PC (64bit)

I render out groups of short sound effects in a wav file. Ultimately after some mastering I want to extract these with "extract regions" to individual .wav files. I've never been able to find setting for auto region parameters that does that. Since 2006 I've used "auto trim crop" which works (but imperfectly).

attack:1, release:.1 Minimum:65, minimum beat: .1 with "release point for end of region" checked gets close but creates creates a region of silence (-90db) in between each real region.

I don't want to delete all these silent regions and I want the resulting regions to have consecutive numbers.

Auto region with these setting does a great job of identifying the start and end of regions with audio. Is there any way to stop it from creating the "silent" regions? With Minimum Level set to 65 Auto Region should not create a new region until there is a new signal, yet it insists on creating a new region where the level is -90db for more than a second.

thanks in advance

David Thiel


rraud wrote on 1/1/2020, 12:54 PM

The developers are aware of the Pro 13 extract regions issue and had stated it will be addressed "in early in 2020".

Use a previous version of SF for now if you have it.

daudioguy wrote on 1/2/2020, 9:20 AM

I've been using SF10 as the changes in how VST FXs are applied in SF11 forward broke my workflow. I tried auto region again and now I remember the problem. "Use release point for end of region" does not work. I click it and apply but all the silence between events is included in the region. When I open auto region I find that the box is unchecked. If I save a preset "my extract" with the box checked, load another and then load "my extract" the box is unchecked. "[SYS] Speech Phrases" has the box checked and it behaves like SF13 creating silent regions between events. So I don't believe that this has ever worked properly and that is why I've ignored it all these years.

rraud wrote on 1/2/2020, 9:43 AM

I also prefer the legacy plug-in chainer (prior to Pro 11), However, to get a 'similar' workflow, select "Apply Plug-in Chain" in the "Fx Favorites" menu prior to adding the Fx plugs. The plug-ins cannot be automated in that mode though,.. aside from Volume and Pan.