Burning a DVD


emmrecs wrote on 8/16/2022, 4:11 PM


Thanks again for this additional information.

As you surmise your new disc burner will not burn Blu-ray Discs. It is for DVDs only.

With reference to the quality problem of this most recent slideshow when displayed on your UHD TV, have you checked whether any of your earlier shows produced in PS Easy also exhibit this lower quality on that TV?

The resolution of your pictures should be more than adequate! Full HD is 1920 x 1080, your pictures exceed this by some margin. Technically they actually exceed UHD, which is 3840 x 2160. So, picture resolution should not be an issue here!

I’m afraid I still think this is an upscaling problem between your BD/DVD player and your TV. Nothing in the settings that you have chosen seems to me to be “wrong”.


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Robert-Swope wrote on 8/17/2022, 2:31 PM

The quality of the images on my previous PS Easy slideshows is actually better than what I am now seeing on the current PS Deluxe show-- somewhat sharper!

And the images I am importing to this current PS Deluxe slideshow are quite sharp on the computer-- thus my surprise when I see them on the UHD TV.

Based on your suggestions, what I probably need to do is purchase an external Blu-ray Disc Writer/ Burner and then play that disc on my new Blu-ray player.