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emmrecs wrote on 4/25/2017, 3:04 AM


Thanks for the additional information.

strangely the audio setting in MovAvi was already set at 48kHz
which suggests that MEP may NOT be set to 48kHz, I think. I have a suspicion that iTunes works at 44.1kHz. Perhaps it is "forcing" MEP to change sample rate? Daneane, if, with a project open on the timeline you press the E key, on the screen that opens check the Movie Settings tab>Audio Sample Rate, what is shown there?

The above "speculation" is at least partly based on personal experience; I use an external audio interface, rather than the internal on-board sound, and I have discovered that playing e.g. YouTube videos can "force" the interface to change from 48kHz to 44.1, without me selecting to make that change. Only when I try other audio sources and hear nothing does it become apparent what has happened!

Daneane, one other thing to check: if you go to Windows Audio control panel (you will normally have a small speaker icon in the SysTray, bottom right corner of your screen; right click that icon and choose Playback Devices). Highlight whatever is your Default device (if you have more than one avaialble it will have a green tick against its name) and then choose Properties on that same menu screen. On the screen that opens choose the Advanced tab; what is the Default Format shown there? Ideally it needs to be, I think, ".... 16 bit, 48000Hz DVD quality".



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Daneane71 wrote on 4/25/2017, 6:40 AM

Good morning!

The Audio Sample rate in MEP is set at 48kHz. My default speaker setting is also set to 48000kHz (studio quality) and 24 bit.