Error code: -24, Humble Bundle

bkreft wrote on 10/2/2020, 6:31 AM

Hi, I have bought an activation key for MAGIX Video Pro X in bundle from Humble Bundle. I have installed and activated it properly. It has worked fine Today, when I try to open Video Pro X, it asks me once again for activation key. I have read this post: and some others, which suggest the issue is caused with updating operating system (my case: Windows 10).

If anyone knows a faster solution, than asking for help the MAGIX support ?


SP. wrote on 10/2/2020, 7:10 AM

Is your Windows 10 the newest version? Version 2004?

One Idea is to try to login with your user account on In your account select "My Products" and then select your Video Pro X and deactivate the license on your computer. Then try to run Video Pro X again and enter your mail and serial number. Maybe it will work now.

bkreft wrote on 10/2/2020, 8:03 AM

Thanks a lot, I deactivated my license by MAGIX account, reentered mail and serial number and it started working properly.