Feedback on VPX 13 (.138) / MEP 2022 (.116) / Photostory 2022 (.101)

MAGIX_Redaktion wrote on 1/19/2022, 8:45 AM

Dear community,

We are happy to have released a new patch for Video Pro X13, Video deluxe 2022 and Photostory Deluxe 2022 today!

Feel free to give us any feedback on this in this post. We hope that the patches will make video editing easier for you and wish you continued fun! 😊

Best regards


me_again wrote on 1/21/2022, 12:51 AM

Greetings - re Movie Edit Pro patch 116

The Section problem I mentioned in your patch 111 announcment is still there.

... there is still the problem of Section as discussed here:

An easy way to replicate the issue is to load a photo into MEP 2022 111 and click on section. All is fine so far.

Then click on Camera.Zoom (or Size/Position/Rotation it doesn't really matter). All is fine still so far.

Next click on Section to re-open it and the image has returnes to FULL.

This has also been mentioned in the forum here

Especially interesting is the comment by @AAProds that quotes Magix Support:

Thank you for your message and the video. Unfortunately I can't replicate any problems with the section effect. When I cahnge the section of an object and then cahnge the section of another object, everything stays as I have set it. This is why I would like to check if resetting the program settings helps. 

Needless to say "resetting the program settings" does not help.


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marc-few wrote on 1/26/2022, 6:49 AM

Hi There all. I have use MEP for a long time now and have now got to a stage where this version 2022 is absolutely a pain to use. since renewing it in October 2021 I have issue after issue with this program. It constantly crashes, preview screen is always black and needs a program restart, all my drivers are up to date and now I don't know what to do except withdraw from this program and use another product. I like Magix software but Im now at a point that its become unreliable. I have at the moment reinstalled 2021 version, but I get no more updates as 2022 has taken over. I find that the product was good before 2022 update, so could I be looking for a refund on my update back in October please

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