I am not happy at all, answers please from MAGIX

Peter-Wilkinson wrote on 6/2/2020, 8:17 PM

I have been creating a piece for 8 maybe 9hours and was adjusting a few settings and listening to the nearly finished track and the software simply closed with no warning and now all has been lost, the software is the latest as it updated earlier today so should have no problems, I am not happy


emmrecs wrote on 6/3/2020, 4:47 AM


Please remember these are user to user forums, not a contact for Magix Support staff, so answers... from MAGIX are extremely unlikely!

It would be helpful to fellow-users if you were to provide full details of your computer (this post will show you what we really need to know) exactly which version of MM you have (check under Help>About), exactly what you were doing at the time the software closed, and any other details which might help us to help you!

I assume also that you had not been saving your work at regular intervals as you were working?

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Peter-Wilkinson wrote on 6/3/2020, 7:42 AM

Thanks Emmerecs

My laptop is an i7 with 16GB ram and 2x500GB SSD and has soundblaster soundcard inside, so I doubt its a PC problem.

The software I was using was MAGIX MM Plus along with NI VST plugins, I was using my NI S49 MkIII which I always use as a MIDI controller with no problems.

MM simply shut down and then re-opened all within about 5 seconds and no warning at all, MM did an update yesterday morning and was fine up until the update.

Amin-Adeli wrote on 6/3/2020, 7:09 PM

I have the same problem since i bought the 2020 software version 5 months ago, it can not be fix because I email the customer care and they gave a software and asked me to run it and after that collect all information from my computer and sent it to Magix... at the end they asked me to update my computer drivers change ram add sound card graphic card... I did that but still same, sometimes after close the software it will open by itself, crash middle of work and restarting without saving the project, sometimes sound buzzing during playback, some vst is not open or missing content, wave file cant play from keyboard...

I know most of users having same problems maybe one or all at the same time.

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Finally they advise me to change the motherboard and cpu to new generation because of hardware compatibility issue. So...

Simply I uninstall it and I change the software to fl studio one click run fast 0.6 sec up and Noooooooooo problem at all.