invalid voucher number


wesley-dziaba wrote on 6/9/2021, 6:34 PM

I noticed it only does this static noise when I open the program up to start using it

wesley-dziaba wrote on 6/9/2021, 6:39 PM

When I go to watch something on youtube there's no sound from video only static noise the only way my laptop can go back to its normal volume sound is if I either Uninstaller this program or keep rebooting my laptop multiple times it takes a few times to get back to normal why is that it sounds like its this Vegas magix studio movie maker never had I had any problems till I installed this program ?

ericlnz wrote on 6/9/2021, 8:57 PM

What is the program you have installed?

wesley-dziaba wrote on 6/9/2021, 9:13 PM

Vegas movie studio platinum

ericlnz wrote on 6/9/2021, 9:31 PM

@wesley-dziaba You've come to the wrong forum. Did you not notice the Important Post at the top of this forum page for direction to the Vegas forum as Vegas products have their own forum.