Music Maker Premium 2019 crash

robert-cacciatore wrote on 2/25/2019, 2:42 PM

I use Music Maker Premium 2019 on an Intel i5 Windows 10, EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 6gB graphics and a Behringer U-phoria UMC404HD USB interface.
Frequently Music Maker crashes when I try to export mixdowns. I prefer flac but have the problem regardless of what file type I choose.


Vincent-Allain wrote on 2/25/2019, 10:15 PM

I have this problem as well, actually with any export file types. I have reported this a while back, and I have received no help from Magix to fix this. I have retained myself up to now about saying too many negative things about Music Maker, but the bubble is about to burst... I barely receive any help, and it just feels like their are waiting for my one year of support to expire so that I have to start to pay for support. Starting to get very mad at them 😤

browj2 wrote on 2/25/2019, 10:26 PM

Do you have normalize before export on or off when you export (on the export screen)?

John CB

Vincent-Allain wrote on 2/25/2019, 10:29 PM

@browj2 if he's like me, it doesn't make a difference. It crashes as much with normalize checked off or on.

browj2 wrote on 2/25/2019, 10:35 PM

There was a problem a while back with crashing if Normalize was checked. I turn it off by default because I normalize in the program before getting to export.

browj2 wrote on 2/26/2019, 10:36 AM

@Vincent-Allain @robert-cacciatore

A new patch is out today that may, hopefully, solve some of the problems:

Changes in patch compared to

  • Crash fix: Changes to export settings no longer lead to crashes
  • Crash fix: Using the compressor no longer leads to crashes during export
  • Bug fix: Fixed errors that occurred when opening
  • Improvement: Interface in the Music Maker download manager has been
  • optimized (e.g. Music Maker credits are no longer displayed)
  • Improvement: Filters for all content in the Music Maker Store have been
  • optimized

John CB

robert-cacciatore wrote on 2/26/2019, 12:15 PM

@browj2 if he's like me, it doesn't make a difference. It crashes as much with normalize checked off or on.

You are right Vin. Doesn't matter. Though I find this software annoyingly unstable it is in fact an amazing composers tool. I'm an AVID Pro Tools guy from the origins of digital recording and one of the original members of the International MIDI Association so I've seen plenty of quirky DAW's and dealt with everything from Commodore 64's, ATARI, PC's and years and mass $$$$ of Apple products. Hell, I'd be driving a Bentley if it weren't for my obsessive compulsive digital audio disorder... whew! None the less MAGIX is the 2018 Mary Shelly Product of the Year and the favorite current book on a shelf of nice trys. But it's a scary monster and it will hurt you without great care. MIDI lockups, mysteriously dissappearing Instrument tracks, random unwanted 'pitch' and MIDI 'transposition' changes. Failure to play sound in Remix mode or Harmony Mode. Failure to nail down even a simple beat in Remix. Changing the tempo of a project without asking. Dropping and ghosting and all kinds of WTF MIDI glitching. Punching in on an audio track but having a "MIDI recording" show up. Failure to AUTO SAVE at the 2 minutes interval I'd suggest and a host of Audio output inconsistencies that are driving me as mad as JFK on Meth... I could go on but deep down I'm anxious for the next edition, The Bride of Music Maker.

browj2 wrote on 2/26/2019, 12:41 PM


Try the latest patch.

The only problems that I've had since installing it a couple of hours ago are MIDI ghost notes playing back, seemingly at random. Seems worse than before.

Remix Agent still does not play back any sound.

I have never been able to get Remix Agent to properly get a good beat, but then maybe the songs that I tried kept slightly going off-beat. This has been discussed on the Samplitude forum (same Remix Agent I think). It's very old and the wish was that Magix should finish this. It works well if the tempo is constant. We should all open a ticket on this as it's in almost every Magix AV program. I would like to see someone from Magix do a tutorial showing a couple of examples and using all of the tools.

To get problems solved, you have to carefully document each bug, create illustrative videos, submit tickets to Magix, and follow up often, before they close the ticket.

John CB

Vincent-Allain wrote on 2/26/2019, 3:11 PM

@robert-cacciatore I agree with you as well, about the software being a great design, relatively easy to learn. That's the reason I wish the bugs would get fixed, and I currently am not willing to go to learn another software. I'd rather have my creative juices flowing, instead of spending another many hours learning a new DAW.

@browj2 I'm all for helping out and sending bug reports to fix things. Heck, I work in IT, so I know something about it. But as it currently stands, I have so many bugs, it feels like I'm using an incomplete piece of software, or barely tested. I feel like I'm doing work that should have been done by Magix. This is crazy. In my 25 years + using software, I have never experienced so many bugs. But all this being said, I'm still willing to keep at it, because I do like using MMM outside of the bugs. I am frustrated yes, but I am also not giving up yet.

johnebaker wrote on 2/26/2019, 3:55 PM

@robert-cacciatore, @Vincent-Allain


Like John CB,I have very few issues with MMM - mainly the MIDI ghost playing after hitting stop.

After 4 hours of testing the new patch with various projects and exporting in various formats, including MP3, WAV and FLAC with normalization turned on MMM did not crash once.

. . . . Failure to play sound in Remix mode or Harmony Mode . . .

This is a known issue and has been reported, there is a work around however it is a Catch 22 situation - to hear the audio you have to use the Wave driver or DirectSound driver in your audio settings, however this then negates hearing MIDI when playing back the timeline or recording MIDI for which you need an ASIO driver.

@robert-cacciatore - does the export crash if you pull the Behringer out of the system and use the ASIO drivers installed with MMM?

@Vincent-Allain - are you using any form of external mixer for recording and playback to headphones?

John EB


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Vincent-Allain wrote on 2/26/2019, 4:13 PM

@johnebaker No, not using external components, other than my Midi input keyboard. You know my setup from this discussion:

ralftaro wrote on 3/6/2019, 7:42 AM

Hi all,

The most recent Music Maker update ( is indeed supposed to address the various kinds of export crashes we've been hearing about during the past few months, and which development apparently managed to narrow down to two different separate causes in the code. I urge anyone that is running this current version and still experiencing crashes during the mixdown/export process to get in touch with our support team and detail the problem. Robert is already in touch with us regarding his problem, which may or may not persist beyond the new patch. If there are further problems, and we can get these replicated here, I'm sure development can do something about them. However, generally speaking, this patch should have addressed most of the export problems that have been reported here or to our support in recent months.

@Vincent-Allain I appreciate your frustration about the problems you've been having, but I don't find this to be a very fair representation of the support tickets we've had with you. We've always been responsive to any of your tickets, and will pursue problems as long as you're cooperative in the troubleshooting (which you were) and follow up on the tickets. Naturally, technical support cannot resolve problems per se, if they turn out to be actual program bugs. Any user that contacted us regarding these export crashes during the past few months would have essentially received two things in response:

- some information on what is causing these crashes, based on our preliminary understanding of the problems, which *may* have enabled some users to adjust their workflows and settings accordingly and possibly work around the issues for the time being

- the information that the issues have been escalated to development and will be addressed in a future update

I'm afraid that's about as much as support can do, but I wouldn't call this "no help".


Various known problems with the current audio engine and MIDI handling (ghost notes etc.) are indeed not addressed in this recent patch, but remain on the development agenda. These problems are not being ignored, and I, personally, consider these to be high-priority issues. However, the decision isn't up to me, and these fixes require some rather fundamental changes in the software.So, we're looking at more of a long-term solution.

Vincent-Allain wrote on 3/6/2019, 9:58 PM

It's always good to say positive things, so I'll say this: I haven't had exporting problems since the latest patch. I also noticed that the exporting progress bar is now more accurate. Before it would never go beyond 40-ish percent. Now it goes up to 100%, and it does so when it is actually complete. Good job! ;)

robert-cacciatore wrote on 3/13/2019, 10:28 PM

I'm happy with exporting audio after working with the new patch. However I am troubled by the programs failure to do it's scheduled auto backups. It seems it is a now non-existent feature.

Vincent-Allain wrote on 3/14/2019, 8:57 PM

I wonder if, for some reason, your MMM is having permission issues writing the backup file. Have you tried maybe running the program as administrator?

robert-cacciatore wrote on 3/15/2019, 12:34 AM

Good idea. I'll try that. Tonight it was backing up for a couple of hours then just randomly stopped.

Stephen-Reynolds wrote on 3/17/2019, 1:19 PM

As has been mentioned above, I too am having issues with crashes and freezes of Music Maker (2019 Premium), along with VSTs randomly starting or playing notes whilst I'm using the midi editor. It is also crashing when I want to change a VST I'm using in a particular track, and some VSTs that worked perfectly well in MM 2017 Premium (my previous version) will not load at all in 2019 Premium.