Program full of errors

Michael-Ryan wrote on 8/6/2022, 3:46 PM

Program is full of errors and will not work on my computer. This is Movie Studio 2022 Platinum. Can't edit video. Clips will not stay as I move to make next clip. Pulled up the main folder and it showed red x's next to all of the sub folders. Can't find the instruction manual anywhere on the computer after i downloaded it. what a piece of junk


Gid wrote on 8/6/2022, 6:24 PM

@Michael-Ryan I tried not responding to this but .. what re your PC specs, CPU, GPU & amount of RAM, ?

There's Tutorials at the top of this page that show you how to use this 'piece of junk'

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Reyfox wrote on 8/8/2022, 5:54 AM

Maybe it's the computer. I have MEP2022 and it works with the folders I have. I can edit videos (but no 10bit ones) without issue.

Without more information as @Gid mentioned, and including the source of your videos, it's hard to offer any type of help.

browj2 wrote on 8/8/2022, 8:16 AM

@Gid @Reyfox

Hi guys,

The OP just wants to rant. The simple fact that downloading the manual, which, like almost anything else that gets downloaded, goes to the Downloads folder and he can't find it, says it all.

Can't find the instruction manual anywhere on the computer after i downloaded it .what a piece of junk

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johnebaker wrote on 8/8/2022, 8:31 AM


Hi and welcome to the forum.

As both @Gid and @Reyfox have commented we need more information to help diagnose the issue(s) you are having:

  1. The specification of your computer system, see this topic for what is required and please quote processor and graphics card make/model in full, and also what monitor/screen resolution(s) your are working with if this is a laptop.

    I would suggest you put this information in your profile signature so we do not have to keep asking for it.
  2. What will not work, please be specific rather than a generalised comment ?
  3. Are you getting any error messages, if so then please quote them in full or provide screen shots.
  4. Are the graphics card drivers up to date?
  5. A screen shot of the Program settings, Device options tab  would help.
  6. It the issues occur when adding video to the timeline what video format, codec and resolution are you using - to help with this download and install MediaInfo and analyse one of the clips causing the issue and post the results, see this tutorial on how to setup MediaInfo and analyse a video clip for all the data required.

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