Sound Forge Pro 14 does not work like Sound Forge Pro 13 did

James-Fellows wrote on 10/27/2020, 9:43 AM

I use Sound Forge Pro as the audio editor is various programs since Sound forge Pro 6. It is called from within the program after specifying it's location. In specifically Cakewalk DAW, Sound Forge 13 works as expected. If Sound Forge 13 is already loaded, every time I want to edit a wav file it immediately loads in the program. With Sound Forge Pro 14, if it is already loaded or not, it loads and an additional instance of Sound Forge 14 and will for each subsequent call of the audio editor. Because of the scanning of VSTs etc, this takes quite a bit of time besides the reduction in memory and stops creative flow. I am not using Sound Forge Pro 14 anymore because of behavior. I hope it can be corrected. Are there any work arounds or solutions?

Please advise


rraud wrote on 10/27/2020, 10:37 AM

Welcome to the Magix Sound Forge forum @James-Fellows.

You are experiencing the result of SF Pro 14's build 111 "Multi-instancing default". Instructions to change it back to the legacy 'single-instancing' behavior are in this tread.

James-Fellows wrote on 10/27/2020, 10:56 AM

That worked! I never knew about the secret menu.

James-Fellows wrote on 10/27/2020, 12:04 PM

I spoke too soon. The settings revert upon reloading. I did click apply and got the restart dialog. Yet when reopening, the setting has reverted to FALSE. Initially, the program did not seem to retain settings like which and where toolbars were loaded, but eventually it did. Is there a trick to get changes in preferences to save? Or is it possible to edit an .ini or pref file manually to get them to stick?


rraud wrote on 10/27/2020, 12:36 PM

Click Apply and OK after changing the entry to "FALSE" (uppercase). Exit SF and re-launch. The first time did not work for me either, I think I did not select the final "OK"
I do not recall having to reboot the PC, but try it, if does not stick

If you have both the 32 and 64 bit versions installed, you may have to do the same to both... but I am not sure about that .

James-Fellows wrote on 10/27/2020, 12:58 PM

I am sure you meant change it to TRUE and say apply and restart. I will try a reboot when it is possible for me to shut already else down.

rraud wrote on 10/30/2020, 11:46 AM

I will double-check Pro 14 when I am home on Sat. I may have made a mistake when I edited the original post, and will correct it if need be. Sorry for the confusion. In any case, it is the opposite of the default, which is stated in the 'Internal' settings table.

Addendum: The default setting is FALSE, therefor set to TRUE for 'single instance' (multiple files) behavior.

Conductor wrote on 11/18/2020, 8:52 AM

Welcome to the problems of Sound Forge since Magix took over from Sony. Bugs are not fixed. . There used to be a Preset Manager (in the Sony versions) that enabled you to save presets you created. Magix eliminated it and wouldn't put it back despite customer complaints. Now you actually have to hack the Registry every time you reinstall.

Other bugs go unfixed and they move on to selling another new version. Personally, I LAUGH every time I open SF 13 with the pitch to buy SF 14 at a discount. Not while this irresponsible company allows defective software to be sold. All the reviewers that approve of Magix flim-flam should be ashamed.