Startup Dialog Updater just hangs - never gets to registration

BeerInn wrote on 5/26/2023, 6:53 AM

I just purchased Music Maker 2023 Premium bundle.

After installing it the pop up (updater?) just sits there with the 3 fading bars that are slanted like it's trying to connect.
It never gets past that and I've let it sit for over an hour. I have uninstalled/reinstalled a couple times and it does the same thing each time. I rebooted as well.

The previous 2 versions of Music Maker premium all ran fine (at least they had before I installed the new version)

PC is running Win 10 Pro ..plenty of ram (64GB) and drive space -roughly 20TB (a few drives)

Tried disabling Malware bytes and McAfee before running Music Maker as well ..still does the same thing


SP. wrote on 5/26/2023, 7:06 AM

@BeerInn Can you close the window by pressing ALT + F4?

BeerInn wrote on 5/26/2023, 8:43 AM

Yes and I can close that window with the X in the upper right corner. But if you click on your name in the upper right corner of the main application, the pop-up window shows ...and it looks like that's where I need to register (enter serial numbers).

SP. wrote on 5/26/2023, 3:48 PM

@BeerInn As a workaround you can also enter the serial number in your customer account at under "Product registration". Then the program should show Premium Edition 2023 in the top left area without entering the serial number inside the program.

BeerInn wrote on 5/30/2023, 6:03 AM

Thank you SP. It was registered via the web site.
So, it seems ok now. Here's what I did:

It included the lofi bangers bundle (in the upgrade). I didn't install it until just now. After installing that and closing/starting MusicMaker it seems to be fine now (it was giving an error about the beatbox vst during startup before (didn't now) so maybe that was causing it to hang. The dialog pop-up seems ok now.