The system suddenly is not launching and asking for registration?

Dave-Dugan wrote on 1/26/2021, 12:32 PM

Hi there, 

LONG time customer ( over 20 years now)

When I click on my most recent Sound Forge audio Desktop icon---It launches a registration??

I've already paid for this 10.0 version and it's been working smoothly

for years.

 Not sure what has caused this to happen today and even though I know the process is likely unnecessary I needed to

get my audio files and the platform back so I clicked on the the registration request and, it asks if it can

make changes to my device for a download ----clicking yes doesn't appear to do anything.

Is there a glitch today? This happened right in the middle of an important voice audition I was doing and

I will likely miss the deadline on it , but there are more deadlines looming.

Please advise.  Thanks!


rraud wrote on 1/26/2021, 5:02 PM

Assuming you are running on a Win 10 PC, this is likely the (common) 'Elevated Privilege' issue which affects Sound Forge 10 (and sometimes SF-11) after (some) Windows 10 updates.

If this is the case, there are two routes you can go, one is a registry tweak, the other is easier and safer, but will add a "Run as Administrator" pop-up dialog each time SF is launched.
>>> If you do not want to fock with the registry, (dangerous), you can run SF as an administrator which should allow it to launch:
Right-click the Sound Forge 10 <.exe> launcher (or shortcut), choose Properties> select the 'Compatibility' tab, under 'Privilege level', check-mark "Run this program as an Administrator"

See this Comment for the reg tweak


Dave-Dugan wrote on 1/26/2021, 7:33 PM

Thanks a lot! That was the answer. I knew the Windows had updated last week, BUT since Sound Forge continued to work for a number of days, I did not realize the update caused the issue.

For some reason, the 2nd channel on the stereo mode is now very low/unbalanced compared to Channel 1, but at least the software launches again.


Greatly appreciate your helpful advice!


rraud wrote on 1/27/2021, 10:18 AM

For some reason, the 2nd channel on the stereo mode is now very low/unbalanced compared to Channel 1,

I have not ever read of, or experienced that behavior due to a Win 10 update or an 'Elevated Privilege' tweak.
Does the waveform channel display appear lower as well? If so, you may a have changed it and executed a save. Otherwise, a setting could have been inadvertently changed. Check the 'Hardware meter' volume (View menu), volume envelops, plug-ins, ect.