emmrecs wrote on 7/11/2018, 3:58 AM

Hi, welcome to the Magix forums.

I must first make clear that I do not own a Mac or SF but I am pretty certain that support for SF for Mac is via the identical channels to that for SF for PC.

So, have you raised a Support Ticket here? That should really be your first step.

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TLMuse wrote on 8/17/2018, 9:55 PM

@Graham-Wright: As you might have gathered from Jeff's response, this is not a support forum. It's a user forum, and Magix staff seldom have a presence here. You should try filing a support ticket, as Jeff suggested. But good luck with that. There is no place I could find for filing a SFP Mac request. If you check this post:

you'll see the process I went through to file a support request; I filed it via the Windows support page, out of desperation.

I did eventually get a response, but it was an apologetic and ultimately unhelpful response. The support agent explained that "Magix does not develop programs for Mac, and there is a big discussion (which we here in tech support are not a part of, unfortunately) as to the direction and future of the Mac version." The agent said he could not duplicate my problem—a delay when hitting play, as described by another user, here:

He also said he'd checked the Magix user forums and did not see any other reports of this problem—yet there it is, at the link above (says something about the thoroughness of the support team, I suppose). That problem has proved intermittent for me (I don't know what causes it, and a restart stops it). But, as you noted, SFPM is unstable. The last time I used it, after 20 min tweaking a plug-in processing chain, it froze, and then crashed, and my work was lost.

That agent said, regarding Magix's difficulties supporting Mac users, "We will make a general statement about this on as many forums as we can." That was back in May. Have you seen such an announcement here, in Magix own user's forum? Of course not. Magix has never displayed a serious investment in the Mac user community.

Magix charged a hefty fee for its "upgrade" of SFPM. They did little to the program except bundle third-party plug-ins that I and other users have said we didn't not need or want (see other threads regarding that). I purchased it anyway, as a good faith investment in a promising product that I assumed they were invested in. They have betrayed the SFPM user community by giving the impression that they were behind the product, when they lacked the vision expertise to support it. Frankly, I feel conned and robbed.

I'm currently auditioning replacements. If any potential SFPM customers stumble upon this thread—shop elsewhere. Magix will only burn you. That they are still selling the last version of SFPM on their web site, with no mention of the uncertain future of the product, speaks volumes about the integrity of the company (or lack thereof).

Graham-Wright wrote on 8/19/2018, 1:35 PM

Thanks TMUSE I didnt know about the uncertain future of SFM-I'm abit disappointed.However I have found that the instability is somehow less when using 16 bit 44.1K files,therefore I have now adopted the procedure of converting files to CD format before any other processing happens.In addition I've noticed that alot of the crashes happen when using the Izotope conversion plugins I have also experienced the delay in playing a file,this problem seems to come and go at will although there doesn't appear to be a problem when playing a highlighted file or section thereof.I'm thinking Wavelab.

Graham-Wright wrote on 8/19/2018, 1:36 PM

I submitted a ticket sometime ago-no response yet