wow!!! This is to cool, alot to learn,,,, where to

Scarpacio wrote on 11/10/2019, 7:05 PM

hey yall music lovers, i just bought the premium bundle music maker 2020 and they gave me samplitude and sound forge studios with a bunch of add ons ,,plug in's and extras,, too!! Back in my day getting some musicians together for a jam was quite a challenge,and getting to a recording studio was very expensive and usually not worth the money,,,,,starving artist and all,,, but no longer is that a problem....yeah im a guitar player,, and ive been jamming with backing trax or karaoke trax off you tube ,,,, i think i can make some killer trax now,,,, with my ScarpOcaster,,, so i got a lot to learn,,, will be exciting,,,,, ok then we'll cyall,,,,,,,,,,,


browj2 wrote on 11/10/2019, 8:28 PM


Hi and welcome to the forum.

For Music Maker, make sure that you are logged into the Store (your email address shows at the upper right), Activated your Premium version, and downloaded and installed everything by clicking on the Download button that should have appeared at the upper right of the screen. Some elements download only and you need to click on each to go through the install process.

Then, and only then, start learning and playing with what you have before spending your credits on more Soundpools, Features, Presets and Instruments. Choose carefully as they cannot be undone. Also, since you also got Samplitude Music Studio (most probably not Samplitude Pro X4) there should be a way to share instruments between them, so find that out first before using the instrument credits in Music Maker Store.

For Samplitude Music Studio, there should be more stuff to download, including instruments. It's probably under Help, Download additional content or something.


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johnebaker wrote on 11/11/2019, 5:24 AM



If you are using any of the Soundpool loops in your creations and they are for commercial gain, then you will need Commercial licences for the SoundPools you use, this does not apply to the Instruments, with the exception of the default demo melody, as you have to play them with.

. . . . ScarpOcaster . . . .

Never seen one of those, however I have good idea what you mean 😂😂😂


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Scarpacio wrote on 11/16/2019, 4:30 AM

hey bro,, yeah my scarpocaster is old fender squire with a new 22 medium jumbo fret strat neck,,, and they are stainless steel too ,,wont wear them out ever..hee hee,,, ive had that squire for two and half years or so and ive got several flattend frets 5th 7th 12th are terrible got to really press hard to get a clean note,,, but not no more im really amazed hot easy medium jumbos are play ,, like a scalloped neck, its lighting fast...great for some fast intricate lead solo's,,, and it's not bad with most chords too.., ill put this scarp o caster up against anybody's vintage or new stratocaster, i picked that info up from eric johnson, old fart like me had big hit way back Cliffs of dover instrumental that went in the top ten about 78 or 79,,, dang along time ago... . ok john thnx for the shout out... ill holler back cya..... scarp out