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Kessy666 wrote on 7/31/2011, 3:08 AM

Hallo Rana,


wie immer von dir eine sehr sehr gute Arbeit. Ich habe den Song genossen.


Gruß aus Deutschland


blacki-S wrote on 7/31/2011, 4:59 AM

Wieder ein sehr schönes Lied von dir was richtig ins Ohr geht.

Einfach nur schön!

LG blacki

BERNARDPH wrote on 7/31/2011, 5:03 AM

Very beautiful melody that is very well suited to the stunning voice.
Really a great time to listen, this presentation has given you a lot of work.

Hydrogen65 wrote on 7/31/2011, 10:10 AM

Hi RANA , nice song , I like this melody ...

best regards....


skiron wrote on 7/31/2011, 2:19 PM

Hi Rana,

I am not a fan of Klaus Meine and his Band but they have written some Songs I like. This is (now) one of them (I did'n know them before)

You have made a very nice Instrumentation for the Vocals. It fits all and give the song the face of a pop-ballad.
Very good work.

Former user wrote on 8/1/2011, 4:31 AM

"Genießen" bringt die Sache auf den Punkt! Sehr gefühlvoller Song in bester Soundqualität! Gruß Manni

Enio wrote on 8/1/2011, 5:01 PM

Hola Rana....


Muy buen tema tio para ser amateuir.


Oleeeeeee tu , en seriooooo....

OldMansProject wrote on 8/1/2011, 10:25 PM

Hey Rana!

What should I say to this track from you: aqbsolutly fantastic and 5***** + fav.


hajo54 wrote on 8/2/2011, 2:32 AM

Du bist ja echt mal wieder spitze

Raymanix wrote on 8/2/2011, 8:04 AM

Très belle interprétation, Bravo...



LADY_DREAMFIRE wrote on 8/3/2011, 12:35 AM


magix1965 wrote on 8/3/2011, 4:09 AM

5 stelle sicurooooooooooooo!!   ;-)

LEFTHANDER wrote on 8/3/2011, 4:59 AM

Hi Rana,

es wurde ja schon alles geschrieben....die Instrumentation die du gewählt hast ist sehr schön. Ich staune über deine Flexibilität und deine Innovation zu solchen Dingen.

Bist ein toller Musiker !!!



Former user wrote on 8/3/2011, 6:00 AM

hi Rana,


was ich kann bei Foto fachlich zu beurteilen kann ich leider nicht bei Musik.

Bei Musik ich verlass mich auf mein Ohr und mein Bauch, die meinem Kopf sagen:

très aimable, machen ein gutes Gefühl, was mich animiert nochmal zu hören,

nochmal, nochmal........


TommyG wrote on 8/3/2011, 6:30 AM

Sounds fantastic. Good arrangement with the voice of Klaus Meine. I think he will be excited when he will hear this version.

Former user wrote on 8/3/2011, 7:38 AM

although i don´t like the scorpions very much - very interesting idea to combine those stiles - this is more a rana-track, special, full of soul & heart: so for all of this 5* for you and 5* for the scorpions being so kind to have inspired YOU!

Former user wrote on 8/3/2011, 8:13 AM

Sehr schön.

Former user wrote on 8/3/2011, 8:41 AM

Hello My Friend ....

You have dared, and it is a complete success .... A beautiful song, accompanied by a musical genius .... I am pleasantly surprised, and thank you for sharing this good time music .... Respect.

Lolila wrote on 8/3/2011, 9:43 AM

Joli morceau et belle voix


Former user wrote on 8/3/2011, 12:38 PM

Great job in mix and mastering. Exellent work with the vocal too.

I like it your mus.arrangement here also. 5*****



Maz3 wrote on 8/4/2011, 1:08 AM

very nice, smooth sound.... really realxing. :)

J.J.L. wrote on 8/4/2011, 4:40 PM

Excelente trabajo!....instrumental y vocal.

alternativ wrote on 8/4/2011, 7:11 PM

A very beautefull song.....5*

Former user wrote on 8/5/2011, 2:27 AM