redisland wrote on 7/26/2009, 11:50 AM
hallo brian

klasse sound
hast du sehr gut gemacht

gruss dieter
Former user wrote on 7/26/2009, 11:55 AM
At first my friend I`ve look for your alias name. Here in Germany is ZIGGI a name of a card for become cigaretts on automat because you must show him your age;-)))

Well done Brian. Exellent in Rythm. and in the guitare. The vocals are very great too.

LG Hans Josef
beabea wrote on 7/26/2009, 12:33 PM
So glad you wiped the dust off! *FAV*
Former user wrote on 7/26/2009, 1:36 PM
super !!!!!
DirkSiemer wrote on 7/26/2009, 1:43 PM
great one,brian!!
Former user wrote on 7/26/2009, 2:03 PM
Meine Festplatte gibt nur das frei!!

Former user wrote on 7/26/2009, 2:38 PM
Very good Samplework! It's not really a "ZIGGI" but I like it ^^
kaj1006 wrote on 7/26/2009, 4:44 PM
This is excellent !!! - great arrangement and use of samples.
Michel-Solo-Band wrote on 7/26/2009, 6:06 PM
TOP  MY  FRIEND  !!!!!!
Sect.23 wrote on 7/27/2009, 1:04 AM
As you know, my friend.....i LUVZ electro-metal.....sorry to say (and just my measley opinion...) the rapping can go....the singing is great,
But I still can't figure out why it's only 4 *'s so far??!!?!?
Glad you dusted this one off...5*'s
Cheers M8;
Former user wrote on 7/27/2009, 2:42 AM
LEFTHANDER wrote on 7/27/2009, 4:29 AM
Hi Brian,

very Good Track an a little bit something else.
Nice Guitarwork.

B. R .

BUXE wrote on 7/27/2009, 4:35 AM
very very goooooooooooooooooooood music
docKlaus wrote on 7/27/2009, 6:18 AM

A beautiful Powerfun!mg docKlaus
Former user wrote on 7/27/2009, 7:10 AM
es ist doch gut, wenn man mal seinen schrank aufräumt.


TommyG wrote on 7/27/2009, 9:05 AM
Wieder mal eine dufte Rockmucke, gut, daß du das Teil aus deiner Festplatte befreit hast.

jorual wrote on 7/27/2009, 12:39 PM
Good work... great mastering

Former user wrote on 7/27/2009, 12:52 PM

StoneFace wrote on 7/27/2009, 1:06 PM
The right drive for an old man Only the Solo is to short  ... FAV

Frantzi wrote on 7/27/2009, 1:18 PM

5* and keeping on rocking and swinging...
Former user wrote on 7/27/2009, 5:17 PM
Hi Brian, mixing genres and ending up with a creditable product is a difficult  task, but I figure with your pin sharp timing and overall production work on "Feel Right" its a done deal. Anyone thinking of taking up computer generated music, whatever there genre of choice, would do well to search you out.  Peace Ian
Former user wrote on 7/27/2009, 5:34 PM
Very good job my friend !!!!!

Deep Blue Hush wrote on 7/27/2009, 8:47 PM
Amazing & thing you can't do: make a song I don't like.

Former user wrote on 7/28/2009, 4:57 AM
Oh...Ziggi as producer and arranger (well I guess the guitar is you). Great work, Brian. Very funky!