Registration Error: The activation code is not valid(Error Message)

arthur-perkins wrote on 4/1/2020, 3:25 PM

Recently I had to move a hd from one macbook pro laptop to another. When I start up Sound Forge v2.0, I get the error message shown above. I deleted and re-installed the program and am still getting the error message.

What do I need to do in order to be able to resolve this issue and use Sound Forge on a macbook pro laptop running high sierra?




duncan-goddard wrote on 9/2/2020, 10:45 AM

same here. bit annoying to have dropped over £100 on an *upgrade*, to then find it won't migrate onto a new mac. I've deleted & re-installed, but there's no opportunity to put the serial number in & re-activate. just "the activation code is not valid"; you click 'ok, so let me do something about that..' & it's gone. closed the app.

I've PAID for this software. I want an explanation, not cheshire catting.

emmrecs wrote on 9/3/2020, 4:52 AM

@arthur-perkins @duncan-goddard

These are user to user forums so I strongly suspect no-one who posts or visits here can really help you, sorry!

The only suggestion i can make is to use the Support button in the header of any forum page to open a support ticket, or go directly to this page.

Are you aware that SF MAC will most definitely NOT run under the most recent versions of OSX? See this post.


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