emmrecs wrote on 1/24/2023, 11:01 AM


These are user to user forums, not Magix support and there are no Magix staff here, sorry.

Did you read this pinned post about SF Mac?

I think your chances of being given a refund are rather slim, given the length of time between when you bought it and now, but you could email and ask.


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SP. wrote on 1/24/2023, 11:04 AM

@GLEN-HORENBLAS You might contact sales support at and ask them for a refund.

As far as I know, it was always stated, for years, that the product doesn't work with Catalina or newer versions of Mac OS. Magix doesn't have a dedicated Mac OS development team and Apple killed compatibility by removing 32 bit support. So, this means the software is dead.

rraud wrote on 1/24/2023, 11:07 AM

Hi @GLEN-HORENBLAS, this is users forum.
If Sound Forge MAC was purchased from Magix, email the Magix Customer Service and request a refund. -or-
Otherwise contact the third-party seller.

btw. the Magix Sound Forge MAC webpage states:
"Dear SOUND FORGE Pro Mac Community, we regret to inform you that we have decided to discontinue further development of SOUND FORGE Pro Mac. We have since removed the product from our range. Already purchased software can of course still be used without restrictions. We thank you for your feedback and your loyalty for many years. Best regards, your MAGIX editorial team."

GLEN-HORENBLAS wrote on 1/24/2023, 11:34 AM

No, already purchased software cannot be used because it doesn't work with new Mac OS.