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johnebaker wrote on 2/10/2020, 4:11 AM


Hi Ray

Did you power down as @pmikep has suggested, between tests?

When using the WD drive for projects were you rendering to the same WD drive or the second one?

Are the M2 striped drives SATA or PCIE?

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CubeAce wrote on 2/10/2020, 7:02 AM



I tried every which way and after posting my last post I tried exporting a 4K video to 1080p which transferred as fast as a normal HD export while shutting down the PC and restarting it produced no significant differences of perhaps a few minutes. I tried setting ram caches and all sorts. The one thing I didn't try was exporting to a third drive which I'll try later today as I have a second WD black in the system.


My C: drive is two SATA SSDs striped 0. I have two internal WD black drives and one M.2 - 256gig Toshiba Sequential Read - 1,500 MiB/s, Sequential Write - 760 MiB/s stick that is my J: drive and has the project on. The second M2 which is NVMe compatible is not currently occupied.

I tried exporting back to both the C: drive which was fast for HD exports but not 4K and to the D: drive which was slower for HD projects but faster than exporting to the C: drive for 4K projects.

GPU and CPU temperatures never exceeded 43c on any export. All files needed for the project were on the J drive in the project folder or on the D: drive.

What I have not tried so far is using my D: drive to export to the J: drive or to my second WD black drive.

May try that later tonight.


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