Former user wrote on 2/3/2009, 3:12 PM
Bonsoir José ....

 Tu fais aussi dans le grand .... Magnifique mélodie .... J'aurais presque pu être l'auteur ....

Encore une fois .... tu as fait mieux .... que la dernière fois, donc le challenge n'est jamais fini .... tu peux me croire ....

Respect pour cet excellent travail ....

IrisS. wrote on 2/3/2009, 3:38 PM
Former user wrote on 2/3/2009, 3:44 PM
The grandmother always lies one at the heart,..... and this has also his  reason.
Careful and always nice.

The song fits wonderfully from the melody.

Former user wrote on 2/3/2009, 3:57 PM
Salut José !
Alors là c'est fantastique et j'adore ses chansons romantiques !! FAV !!!
Amitié Patrick
ZIGGI wrote on 2/3/2009, 3:58 PM
Hi Jose,
A very pleasing song. A song for reflection and good memories.

LEFTHANDER wrote on 2/4/2009, 12:08 AM
Hi Jose,

i think your Grandmother is happy when she listen your Track.
Very nice Arr.

B.R. Detlef
Soundschill wrote on 2/4/2009, 12:29 AM
BUXE wrote on 2/4/2009, 1:06 AM
great sound
Former user wrote on 2/4/2009, 1:21 AM
Without your voice ? Didn`t expect that, but doesn`t matter. When I´m thinking about my grandmas (both are dead), always beautiful memories come back to my mind. Never make a song about them, maybe a great fault !

Teiwaz wrote on 2/4/2009, 2:40 AM

ThaiArne wrote on 2/4/2009, 3:03 AM
Unfortunately, I don`t have a grandma anymore... but she would love this tune, and so do I...
6-21-3-11 wrote on 2/4/2009, 3:26 AM
t'es un grand romantique djartw...
excellent travail
Former user wrote on 2/4/2009, 7:03 AM


ilonadudas wrote on 2/4/2009, 7:21 AM
masni wrote on 2/4/2009, 7:26 AM
Ola Jose , bienvenido  !!  Bravo    como siempre   Carl
Former user wrote on 2/4/2009, 9:37 AM
Verdient die allerhöchste Bewertung!!!
seraphin wrote on 2/4/2009, 10:16 AM
It's a fantastic song ! Good composition ! When we listen we think to a dream !

Sandro_Glavina_Channel wrote on 2/4/2009, 10:52 AM
Great !!! ciao da sandro

Sandro Glavina is an italian composer, named L'Uomo e L'Ombra. The choice of the name derives from the title of the album "L'uomo e l'ombra" of the band "Abstract Music Nuova Esistenza", an experimental group founded by Sandro Glavina together with his friends in the mid-70s.

In the period 2009-2022, L'Uomo e L'Ombra has done 84 albums. The compositions of Sandro Glavina are partly influenced by progressive rock. Sandro has developed a personal style with many experimentations and actualizations. He offers music beyond borders by intertwining different styles in crossover with each other. Prog, psychedelia, classical, post-rock, jazz, pop are some of the influences that dissolve in ambient atmospheres, citations of contemporary music and minimalist nuances. Sandro Glavina aka L'Uomo e L'Ombra plays the music using VSTI synthesizers, keyboards and adds some loops. Sandro isn't a professional musician, composes and plays music just for fun, but his works reach a good outcome, pleasant to listen. L'UOMO E L'OMBRA


Former user wrote on 2/4/2009, 10:57 AM

Former user wrote on 2/4/2009, 11:44 AM
I like and love your song. Created with harmony an d great emotion.

LG Hans Josef
Former user wrote on 2/4/2009, 2:55 PM
Super. Gruß Dieter.
ArtistW wrote on 2/4/2009, 5:29 PM
I like it
Sect.23 wrote on 2/4/2009, 8:36 PM
Some Absolute talent;