Semelles-de-Vent wrote on 4/25/2024, 7:36 AM

un jazz un peu bossa : nice!


SEA-K wrote on 4/25/2024, 3:46 PM

Oh my, I hear the call of those smokey underground clubs in Manhattan New York that I would hear music like this over a drink and a pretty lady (before I was married) Then one of the pretty ladies who never drank became my wife.

Great rhythm and jazzy vocals with a bossa nova twist that sounds timeless. Nice work my friend


Gochikku wrote on 4/26/2024, 5:07 AM

Thanks for the story and the feedback 😀🎶

Gochikku wrote on 4/26/2024, 6:12 AM

un jazz un peu bossa : nice!


Thank You 😀🎶