Variations On A Theme - Electronic (Smooth) ¦ #electronic

Gochikku wrote on 4/26/2024, 11:29 AM
Tags: Chill out, Alternative, Easy listening, Music Maker artist

I may have previously used this music in another track, but only in a small section. It was too good to waste so here it is as the main backing track. 😀🎶


Deadreamer-w2688 wrote on 4/27/2024, 5:47 AM

sounds good👍

SEA-K wrote on 4/27/2024, 7:49 PM

Yes, the sound is electric, and I think you did a good job on this track, great effects and good use of instruments. I felt that ending through my keyboard, shocking. nice work my friend.


Gochikku wrote on 4/28/2024, 3:40 AM

Thanks again Chris 😀🎶

Gochikku wrote on 4/28/2024, 3:41 AM

sounds good👍

Thanks 😀🎶

Alter-Falter wrote on 4/29/2024, 8:41 AM

... !!!

Gochikku wrote on 4/30/2024, 1:37 AM

Thanks again, no more tunes till the end of May sorry of on our holidays😁🎶✈️🌅