Visitor wrote on 2/23/2011, 4:55 PM

Well done. I like it.





smartsmurf wrote on 2/23/2011, 5:00 PM

As long as there is good music... there is also "Hope"...



...a few sounds seem to be off beat...

siggi_s wrote on 2/23/2011, 5:06 PM

Hey pascal,


erinnert mich irgendwie an Tangerine Dream,


Klasse Stück, Super gemacht! 


LG Siggi

Spartano wrote on 2/24/2011, 1:02 AM

La beaucoup belle musique, Magnifique,
cela a fait le plaisir Ecouter ta musique 5*Fav.
Salut cordial Spartano!

Mein Künstler name ist Spartano 301, meine Freunde nennen mich Joachim, meine Jahrelange Erfahrung in der Musik ist das abmischen ( Mastern ) der Musik.

Mein Musikstill ist sehr breit gefächert, Trance, Dance, Pop, und Rock.

Musik ist für mich ein wichtige Teil meines Lebens, und es macht Spaß immer neue Musiker kennen zu lernen,

lg, von Joachim.


Former user wrote on 2/24/2011, 1:43 AM

Sehr sehr schönes Stück Musik.

Klasse gemacht. Gefällt mir sehr gut.




lg RazorCH

Former user wrote on 2/24/2011, 2:26 AM

Salut Pascal ....


Tu ne t'arrêtes plus .... Très "Vangelis" ta petite musique, (même le titre) hum! mais quelques petits retards dans la synchro. Pas bien grâve, c'est vraiment infime.

Par contre le thème est parfait, et mélodieux, à souhait.

Encore une fois, je suis vraiment surpris .... Continue comme ça, pour notre plaisir .....

B59fly wrote on 2/24/2011, 3:15 AM

Très belle musique pour rêver et se détendre. Mise en œuvre Excellent!


Salutations Brigitte

Cosmozentriker wrote on 2/24/2011, 4:52 AM

... nice dream chill out music,.. in the good old electro style from the past.

I like it,.... and also I hear some little irritation at percussion.

LG Paul

Former user wrote on 2/24/2011, 5:52 AM

Ist geradezu ein Meisterwerk -:Großartig!



Former user wrote on 2/24/2011, 6:45 AM

angenehm zu hören.rafi

jos31620 wrote on 2/24/2011, 9:55 AM

belle musique de reve


        salut jos

jorual wrote on 2/24/2011, 10:07 AM

Hallo Pascal,


Wunderschoene Musik, I like it much.

Gruesse von Jorual.

datamix wrote on 2/24/2011, 10:32 AM

nice song, nice composition, really beatifull


Former user wrote on 2/24/2011, 12:21 PM


belle musique pascal 14.

KBMproduction wrote on 2/24/2011, 12:52 PM

cool song about not my style^^




Michel-Solo-Band wrote on 2/24/2011, 12:59 PM

Tu as aussi rappelé aussi ton propre monde de rêves ceci me vangelis.


Tellement très beau et clair dans la musique.
Un arc-en-ciel chaud de ceci nous le soleil ramène.



Frantzi wrote on 2/24/2011, 1:20 PM

Like this kind of "great Electro-Pop" in the style of the late 70th´s....

Find, that you should look a little bit more on the synchronisatian, specially at the beginning and the drums/percussion...





Thanks to Vicky-Dan for linking....

Former user wrote on 2/24/2011, 2:01 PM


I like the sound and the arrangement of this track.

Something of Tangerine Dream and Vangelis of the 70th's and first 80th's.



Former user wrote on 2/24/2011, 3:41 PM

hi pascal

remind me jean michell jarre


excellent song



yvon-robert wrote on 2/24/2011, 3:57 PM


Nice beat a good progression from beginning to end.



Former user wrote on 2/24/2011, 11:28 PM

Bonjour Pascal,

Cette chanson est pour moi pas vraiment classique. Cependant, une chanson pop très belle. Ou est-moderne de la musique classique. Peu importe.


Rana wrote on 2/25/2011, 12:19 AM

A beautiful piece which took me back quite a few years in time..... 


have a review on the tempo sync for the first minute and a half.. probably a note here and there needs to be clawed.


Goes straight in my Fav's bag.

jorgejerzy wrote on 2/25/2011, 12:39 AM

Bonjour Pascal,


eine wunderschöne Melodie hast Du hier hingezaubert


Sehr gut !!!





Former user wrote on 2/25/2011, 4:25 AM

Sehr schöne Musik .. gefällt mir ! ..


Gruß Oktave