Mitch and Abby

TrishM wrote on 5/9/2016, 5:16 AM
Title: mitch and Abby best

Hello All

The soundtrack from the movie  "The Firm"  features songs by Dave Grusin, one of the best composers and pianists of our time. (my opinion).  

"Mitch and Abby" as well as "Ray's Blues" and  "Memphis Stomp"  are original songs by Grusin are jazz infused tunes and some of my personal favorites for solo piano.

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I enjoyed playing it.  







DEPO57 wrote on 5/9/2016, 7:48 AM

favoloso!!! commovente!!!

Former user wrote on 5/9/2016, 9:38 AM

Hi Trishie:

One of the keys (pun intended) to enjoying any kind of music is the selection of a well-composed and arranged song.  The soundtrack of the aforementioned film, featured many memorable tracks.  This is one of my favorites simply because of the beautiful, romantic simplicity of the notes and chords.  Not your typical big cinema piano throw-in.

Gorgeously played, good buddy.  (I listened to it twice as I wrote this).


Former user wrote on 5/9/2016, 9:45 AM

just recently I see you present in the comunity and the thing I'm sorry, I hope you still everything goes your way.
Your new job is as always with quality, it could not be otherwise, given your great musical preparation.
I very much appreciate, comfortable listening

Pat_02 wrote on 5/9/2016, 10:05 AM

Bonjour Trish,

Merci pour l'invitation,

C'est une très belle interprétation d'une jolie musique, composée comme toujours avec beaucoup de professionnalisme.

Une musique légère avec des sons clairs et limpides comme j'aime.

rien d'autre à rajouter, c'est parfait ! et beau,

et pour moi le meilleurs pianiste du passé c'est : "Chopin" et dans un autre genre, un que j'adore c'est : "Gershwin"

j'aurais tellement aimé pouvoir en interpréter, mais malheureusement, du Gershwin, c'est très difficile à jouer, les jeux de mains sont très rapides en général, les mélodie et accords complexes aussi, donc pas pour moi.

Chopin, ce n'est pas facile non plus.

maintenant pour les pianistes contemporains, je n'en connais pas, mais je pense qu'il doit y en avoir un certain nombre de très bon, voir plus.

plus que 5 étoiles bien sûr pour votre belle composition et dans mes favoris.



Former user wrote on 5/9/2016, 10:19 AM

Well done A fine piece of music.


stuallan wrote on 5/9/2016, 11:57 AM

Hi Trish,

This is a real beauty!

As Griff said, "romantic". Gently played with soothing orchestration, a fine interpretation and a stellar example of your keyboard skills.

Listening for the third time as I write this, a clear indication of how much I do enjoy this!

Great job.



HellRaiser wrote on 5/9/2016, 5:05 PM

Don't know the movie or the music. But this is a nice, pleasant and relaxed melody. Also the sound is well done *****

GBTraveller wrote on 5/10/2016, 2:57 AM

Hi Trish,

Dave Grusin is known to me. He has also worked with Lee Ritenour (great musician and guitarist).
Your game keys to convince me more and more. Your way of playing the instrument testifies much musical feeling and flair.
Your tonal emphasis has a very nice tension.
Quite big respect for your work.

Best wishes to the USA
Greeting Freddy

SpriteBat wrote on 5/10/2016, 3:57 AM

Beautiful as always. I love how the other instruments (strings, e piano) are really subtle and let the lead piano take the spotlight. I hope you feel proud of your work here. You have every reason to. 

Talan wrote on 5/10/2016, 4:31 AM

beautiful dreamy music.

Greetings Peter

Frantzi wrote on 5/10/2016, 5:43 AM

Only to say: GREAT
(like expected).....
all others see below....

5* +Fav

ballabarr wrote on 5/10/2016, 10:05 AM

WOW it went into the favorites at once a very beautiful song

I think i will say like you do aboute druming ,I want to play the piano as lovely as you do

many many stars to you 5+ 1.500 for the pianoplay  from your friend Bengt bye  4 now

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Im from sweden 55 year's young play 4 instruments,(Drums is my main instr) guitarr,keybords,and some bassand im learning to play faceorgan (Harmonica) I make my musc self.I love icehockey and soocer,bean to cooking school,bean a sailor for 10 years,but not anymore hade my last ship 1993 and i miss that job  (cargoship) see the world and get pay'd for it,that's nice

(Pleace wright in english if u can no requirement just a wishes)

Former user wrote on 5/10/2016, 12:00 PM

Hi Trish,
After much time listening to your song.
I missed the sweet melodiea of your piano and the warm atmosphere that you know create in your every song.
Cheers and more applause.


Nickillus wrote on 5/11/2016, 12:23 PM

Simply fabulous, Trish.  You seem to just get better and better - if that were possible from the very high position of excellence you are starting.  I know the film, but the music hadn't grabbed me - until now, with this wonderful performance.  Immaculate in every way.  Favourited without hesitation.

Great to hear you back in full flow . . . . long may it continue.


Former user wrote on 5/11/2016, 6:47 PM


Roxall wrote on 5/12/2016, 5:11 AM

Really talented piano work. 

The subtle production, with the atmospheric synths to add atmosphere while allowingyour piano work to lead the way.

Very well made that certainly shows your talent and feel for creating and performing music.

Mondschwester wrote on 5/12/2016, 12:50 PM

Hi Trish!

OMG! This is simply beautiful!!! The piano is amazing and the background creates a wonderful atmosphere!

Perfect to relax and I enjoyed every second!

Beautiful piece of music! You are amazing Trish! ^_^

All the best

PS: I really am a big fan of your music! You are great!!!

jjnicholls55 wrote on 5/13/2016, 4:56 AM

Another wow from me. You blow my mind with the beauty that comes from your fingers (and soul). Truly a lovely piece Trish.



JuanIsidoro wrote on 5/14/2016, 2:01 PM

hello trish
I love your piano ... exciting composition by Dave Grusin

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Me llamo Juan Isidoro. Soy de Sevilla al sur de España.Trabajo en un camion y hago musica por placer.

Espero que os guste.

My name is juan Isidoro. I’m from Seville in southern Spain.
Working a truck and do music for pleasure.I hope you like.



diegoweb13 wrote on 5/15/2016, 11:23 AM

Beautiful song and execution.
Brava Trish.


Hello Diego 

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Father_of_Joy wrote on 5/16/2016, 1:10 AM

I think I've seen the movie someday. Your musical interpretation is really delightful with a cheerful vibe.

And it seems your new CUBASE is working well. 

Cosmozentriker wrote on 5/18/2016, 5:35 AM

LG Paul 

VOXS wrote on 5/20/2016, 12:07 PM

Hi Trish,

your piano performance is very well and at a professional level. Maybe the sound of the piano could be a bit brighter - but this is a critic at the highest level. Your song is wonderfull and worth more than 5 points.

All the best for you - VOX

olivier28 wrote on 5/22/2016, 2:44 AM

ouahh ....

une BELLE musique que vous nous faites découvrir

trop beau........... j'adore