ZIGGI wrote on 1/24/2010, 4:39 PM
Hi friends,
I have finally found the time to finish a new song.
Mastering was a big problem with this song.
I'm still not completely happy, but i present it here anyway.

Made with samples and midi.
Singing and text is from me.

Best enjoyed on headphones.

Hallo Freunde,
Ich habe endlich die Zeit gefunden, um ein neues Lied zu beenden.
Mastering war ein großes Problem mit diesem Song.
Ich bin noch nicht ganz glücklich ist, aber ich präsentiere sie hier trotzdem.

Made mit Samples und Midi.
Gesang und Text ist von mir.

Best genossen über Kopfhörer.


There is a new girl in town
She is the cutest around
I've got to know her so well
She's fallen for me, i can tell
She lives at 44
You ask for Mary at the door
And if i go every day
She gives a discount when i pay

I've got a flashy car
It's the coolest by far
It has a great leather smell
It's got a V8 as well
It does 194
With my foot on the floor
I picked the lock on the door
And now i wanted by the law

Did i forget to mention
My life is two dimension
And i've got no direction
I'm a fake, i'm a fake
Is it drawn to your attention
That i'm full of self deception
There is total disconnection
I'm a fake, just a fake

Did i forget to mention
My life is two dimension
And i've got no direction
I'm a fake, i'm a fake
Is it drawn to your attention
That i'm full of self deception
There is total disconnection
I'm a fake, just a fake


smartsmurf wrote on 1/24/2010, 5:06 PM
You may be a fake... but this song is not...

like the lyrics and the music

p.s.: and whatever there still has to be mastered... don't ask me 
TommyG wrote on 1/24/2010, 5:08 PM
Hammer-Teil. Rockt voll los. Betont gelassener Gesang, was mir außerordentlicg gut gefällt, ist mal was anders, als das sonst Übliche Rumgebrülle  lol, kleiner Scherz, nein, aber dieses Lässige gefällt mir.

Was ich verbesseungswürdig finde, sind die scharfen Zischlaute im Gesang, die könnte man mit einem De-Esser herausfiltern.

Gute Arbeit.
Former user wrote on 1/24/2010, 5:23 PM
Hi my friend, Good power on the rhythm section (sadly lacking on my Relic track). also enjoyed the well written chorus lyric. Vocal sounding v good as usual. 
Good week ahead to ya. Peace Ian
binobino wrote on 1/24/2010, 5:35 PM
Ziggi, you're strong as a... rock ! regards binobino
holie wrote on 1/24/2010, 5:47 PM

That's great !  You cannot  be a fake . . . I am sorry, is unfortunately impossible with this song !

Respekt !
Lieben Gruß
  5* FAV
Former user wrote on 1/24/2010, 6:40 PM
Straight Rock-Song how I like.
Yes, you are right the mastering is not the best. There is a metallic reverb(?) on the vocals, I think that sounds bad. And some sibilants (don't know if this the right translation, in german "zisch-Töne") when you singing.
stewardIII wrote on 1/25/2010, 12:41 AM
Geiler Sound. Starke Nummer. Perfekt abgemischt. Eigene Stimme ?

Da Rock eigentlich auch mein bevorzugtes Genre ist, als Kollege 5*


Former user wrote on 1/25/2010, 1:36 AM
I know what you mean, unhappy with the mastering, but it is in such songs are often very difficult to make it 100%

The song itself is great once you have succeeded and Top !

it was right to upload it

He is still a worthy and enjoyable !!

redisland wrote on 1/25/2010, 2:55 AM
klasse cover
super musik
gruss dieter
Former user wrote on 1/25/2010, 4:30 AM
Hi Brian,
you know my opinion about you!
I can only ever be repeated as song writer and singer you are to me, the absolute number one in this community!!

5 stars and best greetings ....... Freddy

Former user wrote on 1/25/2010, 4:48 AM
Yes ............that`s  Rock!
And the voice it`s great!Best regards,Ralf
Pyrex wrote on 1/25/2010, 6:13 AM
Great song (again)!!!!
Spartano wrote on 1/25/2010, 6:42 AM
Was für ein Klang! Sehr sauber und Klasse Musik! Herzlichen Gruß Spartano!
= 5*

Mein Künstler name ist Spartano 301, meine Freunde nennen mich Joachim, meine Jahrelange Erfahrung in der Musik ist das abmischen ( Mastern ) der Musik.

Mein Musikstill ist sehr breit gefächert, Trance, Dance, Pop, und Rock.

Musik ist für mich ein wichtige Teil meines Lebens, und es macht Spaß immer neue Musiker kennen zu lernen,

lg, von Joachim.


Cosmozentriker wrote on 1/25/2010, 8:32 AM
..... ..... Okay,...  it's a fake!

Now the wait has an end... you are here again... and this... gives to me very big pleasure & joy!


PS: .... maybe,..  I find later more words about the sound!? .......
Former user wrote on 1/25/2010, 9:55 AM
Hi Brain,

A strong beautiful rock in my ears. Voice used efficiently. Guitar solo at its finest.


siggi_s wrote on 1/25/2010, 11:05 AM

G Siggi
papajeff wrote on 1/25/2010, 11:12 AM
I think, the sound is good, and i like this kind of straight rockguitars! Your voice sounds very cool. Maybe to much high  frequences in the mastering because i can hear some strong ss.
Stil very good!
LG Jeff
StoneFace wrote on 1/25/2010, 12:17 PM

What can I say my friend? Thank you for this piece

really mad - one of your best.....

Former user wrote on 1/25/2010, 12:23 PM
Geile Musik. Super.
Former user wrote on 1/25/2010, 12:28 PM
YES! THAT'S IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Former user wrote on 1/25/2010, 3:19 PM

an ultrafast car and Mary gets in and you will already do the right thing

very interesting "I'm a fake"


Solista wrote on 1/25/2010, 3:33 PM
Actually I think the mastering is quite ok. But the mix of the low frequency region could be better (in my ears). The Kick and the bass both are hard to recognize. (Bass probably covered by the low end of the guits?)
But nonetheless a great song! I like your cool way of singing.
Frantzi wrote on 1/25/2010, 5:13 PM
Good that you´re original and not a fake...
Lyrics and Music are O.K. on my earphones...
Cover´s amazing
ThaiArne wrote on 1/25/2010, 10:13 PM
Hey Ziggi... great Song...

I think the sound is really good, just a liitle bit more of the bass guitar maybe...